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  • Making Movies

    Making Movies

    Music, Why Not! Had the chance to speak to Latin Alternative band known as Making Movies before their performance at Tress in Dallas, Texas on June 02. They spoke to us about the release of their album    I Am Another You which was released in late May, the creative process of their work, a few […]

  • The Darcys

    The Darcys

    Jennifer from Music, Why Not! Caught up with Canadian alternative band known as the Darcys when they made their stop in Chicago. The Darcys are an art-rock duo who create songs stemming from their own interest in philosophy and modern studies. Their music is dance-able and energetic and the accompaniment of vibrant colors and an […]

  • The Dull Blue Lights

    The Dull Blue Lights

    MWN: Most of your influences come from the past, what is it about the past you draw your influences from, rather than in recent years? The Dull Blue Lights: The only rule in this band is, “Make something you like.” Naturally, the music we like is going to influence and come through the music we […]

  • Bunny


    MWN: How did you all meet? Bunny: Well, Alex is my sister, so I met her when I was born.. And um timm is our friend that we know through our cousin.. And Shane was recommended to us by our friend cuz we were looking for a drummer MWN: Cool! How long ago was that? […]

  • Suite Paranoia

    Suite Paranoia

    MWN: ¿Qué  fue los que los influyó a ser músicos? Suite Paranoia: Individualmente la verdad no lo sé, cada uno tiene diferentes razones. Fue lo que nos dio como resultado al querer expresarnos. Yo siento que fue una especie de rabia. No se puede explicar, necesitas realizarte como ser humano. Nos conocemos desde mucho tiempo. ¡Era […]

MWN! Welcomes you into our world!
It’s truly hard to think of something in this world that’s better than music.
A cure for the soul and the food of the spirit, music moves the world.
Along with the many barriers that it breaks, and the rules that it crushes, music is the escape from monotony and the entry to a magical world.
Let your thoughts break free, your emotions run wild, and enjoy the majestic freedom that music brings.
Welcome to Music, Why Not! 

Concert Photography & Reviews

  • Russian Circles @ Salón Los Ángeles- Mexico City.

    Russian Circles @ Salón Los Ángeles- Mexico City.

    Coverage By: Angélica Rincón | Instagram: @angelica_rincon| Exclusively for @Music, Why Not!– All Rights Reserved- ****

  • AJR @ The Rave – Milwaukee

    AJR @ The Rave – Milwaukee

    AJR took over Milwaukee, Wisconsin last Thursday at The Rave. Their performance was absolutely incredible and the crowd was loving it. The  New York City-based indie pop band composed of multi-instrumentalist brothers  consist of  Adam Met,  Jack Met, and Ryan Met. The band is a DIY pop group who write, produce, and mix their own material in the living room of […]

  • R5 @ Trees- Dallas

    R5 @ Trees- Dallas

    R5 performed a packed show at Trees in Dallas, Texas. The pop rock band of siblings consist of  Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff.  Louder is the debut studio album by American pop rock band R5, which was released on September 24, 2013 by Hollywood Records. They also later on went to release Sometime Last Night […]

  • Black Pulp @ Buyers Club Bar- Liverpool

    Black Pulp @ Buyers Club Bar- Liverpool

    Photography By: Shannon Smith |Instagram @shandanun| Exclusively for @Music, Why Not! – All Rights Reserved- ****

  • Corey Harper @ The Rustic – Dallas

    Corey Harper @ The Rustic – Dallas

    Photography By: Maria Limon |Instagram @shotbylimon | Exclusively for @Music, Why Not! – All Rights Reserved- ****

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What is Trending In Music?

  • Jackie Blue – Puberty Blues EP

    Jackie Blue – Puberty Blues EP

    Imagine yourself sitting at your porch, it’s a beautiful day. As you’re watching the cars pass by you take a sip of your ice-cold drink. Your local radio station started playing a song that fits the vibes: of course, it’s “Euphoria” by Jackie Blue. The one and only New York based Jackie Blue has released […]

  • Gina Sicilia- Tug of War

    Gina Sicilia- Tug of War

    Tug of War, recently debuted by blues artist Gina Sicilia is quickly on the rise becoming one of the most notable modern-day blues artists. Based out of Nashville, her humble music roots are becoming within her homegrown sound. The album begins with “I Don’t Want To Be In Love,” I was immediately drawn in with […]

  • Mexican Dubwiser New Album Border Frequency Out Now

    Mexican Dubwiser New Album Border Frequency Out Now

    DJ duo from Los Angeles, California called Mexican Dubwiser comprised of Ulises Lozano of Kinky and Marcelo Tijerina have just released their new album entitled Border Frequency. What’s cool about this album is that they fuse Latin American rhythms with  hip-hop, funk, rock, and electronic dance music. Not to mention they collaborated with  various amazing […]

  • The Orchestra Baobab’s Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

    The Orchestra Baobab’s Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

    The Orchestra Baobab’s tribute to Ndiouga Dieng is out now on World Circuit Records. This album revolutionizes the music game in so many ways. It is traditional but excitingly fresh and new at the same time. The band who formed nearly 50 years ago has captivated us with their tropical sounds and catchy melodies. This new […]

  • The 1975’s North American Tour Info

    The 1975’s North American Tour Info

    The 1975, the four-piece British indie band, have just begun their North American 2017 tour. They’ve been busy touring to promote their latest album ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.’ Quite a long title, isn’t it? The touring to promote the album began in Liverpool […]

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 Nothing comes in comparison to how much better music can make your soul feel. Whether you are sad, mad, angry, happy, or ecstatic music is always there for you. Your favorite songs have seen you at your highest and lowest. Your favorite melodies, riffs, and choruses have hugged you when no one else has. Those songs have never asked for anything in return. At Music, Why Not! We are dedicated to bringing those sort of songs that will always be there for you to you.

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