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  • 2017-05-22_2259


     Maria from Music, Why Not! got a chance to chat with Chicago rock band known as NE-HI before they made their stop in Dallas, TX to play a kick ass show at Three Links a grungy venue that happens to house a lot of cool music in the heart of the Deep Ellum. James the bass […]

  • The Mowgli’s

    The Mowgli’s

    Music, Why Not! Had the pleasure of interviewing The Mowgli’s when they played their show in Dallas, TX on April 13. Watch our interview with this awesome band as we discuss all about their free gigs, musical influences, and much more! **** Keep Up With The Band Official Site Facebook Instagram Twitter

  • Izal


    Music, Why Not! Tuvo el gran orgullo de platicar con una super banda en SXSW de Espana- Izal. La banda consiste de Mikel Izal , Ema Pérez “Gato” Alejandro Jordà, Alberto Pérez, y Iván Mella. Ve nuestra entrevista en la cual platicamos de sus influencias musicals, como crean su musica, y mucho mas. **** Sigue Las […]

  • Mariana Vega

    Mariana Vega

        Music, Why Not! – Spanish- Music, Why Not! Is excited to present to you an interview with Venezuelan Grammy Award Winning singer song writer Mariana Vega. She is the definition of a passionate artist. Her beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics have made her one of MWN’s favorite artist. Check out our interview as […]

  • Happyness


    Music, Why Not! Had a sit down interview with British band Happyness at this years SXSW. The band consists of Ash Cooper, Benji Compston, and Jon EE Allan. This was one of the funniest interviews we have hosted. The guys from happiness are not only super charming, but they produce some amazing tunes. Watch this […]

MWN! Welcomes you into our world!
It’s truly hard to think of something in this world that’s better than music.
A cure for the soul and the food of the spirit, music moves the world.
Along with the many barriers that it breaks, and the rules that it crushes, music is the escape from monotony and the entry to a magical world.
Let your thoughts break free, your emotions run wild, and enjoy the majestic freedom that music brings.
Welcome to Music, Why Not! 

Concert Photography & Reviews

  • Emily King @ Trees – Dallas

    Emily King @ Trees – Dallas

    Emily King played a beautiful set at the legendary venue located in Dallas, TX known as Trees. She is a Grammy nominated artist with pop, indie and soul influences that she hones with carefully crafted compositions. Her performance in Dallas on May 12 was spectacular. Her strong voice backed up by a heartfelt performance swooped over […]

  • Catfish & The Bottlemen @ Stubb’s BBQ – Austin

    Catfish & The Bottlemen @ Stubb’s BBQ – Austin

    Catfish & The Bottlemen played a sold out show in Austin, TX this past Friday. It was energetic and completely wild. There supporting Canadian alternative rock band known as July Talk warmed up the crowd with their enchanting performance. They played a set of about half an hour. It was cool to see the crowd […]

  • Real Friends @ The Nile Theater- Arizona

    Real Friends @ The Nile Theater- Arizona

    Photos By: Valerie Rudland |Instagram: @luxiconphotography exclusively for @Music,Why Not!  *****

  • Maggie Rose @ The Rave- Milwaukee, WI

    Maggie Rose @ The Rave- Milwaukee, WI

    Country singer Maggie Rose played The Rave in Milwaukee on May 12. She was everything a wholesome performer should be. Her songwriting skills have landed her some pretty cool gigs like sharing the stage with Tim McGraw and Sheryl Crow. She is definitely filled with so much talent. Her performance at the rave was beautiful as […]

  • The View - Liquid Rooms - 13

    The View @ Liquid Rooms- Edinburgh

    The View took the stage this past Wednesday at Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh . The indie pop group from Dundee, Scotland consists of Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Pete Reilly, and Steven Morrison. They set of the night playing “Comin’ Down” a tune of their album Hats Off  To The Buskers released back in 2007  and […]

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What is Trending In Music?

  • Mexican Dubwiser New Album Border Frequency Out Now

    Mexican Dubwiser New Album Border Frequency Out Now

    DJ duo from Los Angeles, California called Mexican Dubwiser comprised of Ulises Lozano of Kinky and Marcelo Tijerina have just released their new album entitled Border Frequency. What’s cool about this album is that they fuse Latin American rhythms with  hip-hop, funk, rock, and electronic dance music. Not to mention they collaborated with  various amazing […]

  • The Orchestra Baobab’s Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

    The Orchestra Baobab’s Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

    The Orchestra Baobab’s tribute to Ndiouga Dieng is out now on World Circuit Records. This album revolutionizes the music game in so many ways. It is traditional but excitingly fresh and new at the same time. The band who formed nearly 50 years ago has captivated us with their tropical sounds and catchy melodies. This new […]

  • The 1975’s North American Tour Info

    The 1975’s North American Tour Info

    The 1975, the four-piece British indie band, have just begun their North American 2017 tour. They’ve been busy touring to promote their latest album ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.’ Quite a long title, isn’t it? The touring to promote the album began in Liverpool […]

  • Night Time Blue- Nothing’s Over

    Night Time Blue- Nothing’s Over

    The wonderful thing about today’s crazy world of social media and electronics is that it can connect us to our favorite bands new tune in a matter of seconds. The revolution of streaming music has changed the game of the music industry. Now it is much easier for upcoming artist to put their work out […]

  • Northern National

    New Release- MoneyBlind by Northern National

    You know the perfect way to test if you really like a song? If you find yourself getting lost in the song. If everything around you disappears and all you can do is sing along to it. You feel this rush of emotion shooting all through your body.  You Forget whatever went on that day […]

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 Nothing comes in comparison to how much better music can make your soul feel. Whether you are sad, mad, angry, happy, or ecstatic music is always there for you. Your favorite songs have seen you at your highest and lowest. Your favorite melodies, riffs, and choruses have hugged you when no one else has. Those songs have never asked for anything in return. At Music, Why Not! We are dedicated to bringing those sort of songs that will always be there for you to you.

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