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  • Måntra


    MWN: Well first I just want to take the time to thank you guys for answering these few questions. Now you guys were just at SXSW so how was that experience like? Måntra: Super fun! It’s been a goal for us to play in America so to actually do it is like a dream come […]

  • Caravanchela


    Music, Why Not! Tuvo la oportunidad de entrevistar una de nuestra nueveas bandas Colombianas favoritas Caravanchela en Austin, TX durante SXSW. La banda consiste de hermano y hermana Silvia Palencia – Voz y Guillermo Palencia – Guitarra mas sus acompanantes. Platicamos de su nuevo album Funky Feeling, sus inspiraciones musicales, su empiezo en la musica, […]

  • Edison


    MWN: I want to start off by saying that the approach you guys take with your band in regards to touring nonstop is super cool. I love that because that shows the ultimate dedication you have as musicians and performers. What ignited this idea to tour so heavily?   Thank you so much for saying that! Edison: The catalyst for […]

  • The Cuckoos

    The Cuckoos

    MWN: Let’s go back to the roots of you guys as a band. Can you guys tell me how you came together to create music? The Cuckoos: We all met through rock camp and mutual friends. Dave came to a show with a different group of guys I was playing with and we met there, then he joined […]

  • Kolars


    Music, Why Not! Spoke to KOLARS at this years SXSW. KOLARS consist of  Rob Kolar  and Lauren Brown. Dive into their music with us as we discuss favorite concerts, a trippy desert story on tour, and their new released music. ****

MWN! Welcomes you into our world!
It’s truly hard to think of something in this world that’s better than music.
A cure for the soul and the food of the spirit, music moves the world.
Along with the many barriers that it breaks, and the rules that it crushes, music is the escape from monotony and the entry to a magical world.
Let your thoughts break free, your emotions run wild, and enjoy the majestic freedom that music brings.
Welcome to Music, Why Not! 

Concert Photography & Reviews

  • Sundara Karma @ The Subterranean- Chicago

    Sundara Karma @ The Subterranean- Chicago

    Sundara Karma took the stage at the Subterranean in Chicago on Tuesday night. They rocked out to their new album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect which was released early this year under RCA Records. The band has made an awesome debut in American playing SXSW in Austin and now playing venues across the […]

  • SUSTO @ Dada Club- Dallas

    SUSTO @ Dada Club- Dallas

    Deep Ellum in Dallas is like a little piece of 6th street in Austin. It is filled with awesome murals, the trendiest food, and of course iconic venues that house awesome music. Last Saturday the Dada Club housed Charleston-based progressive Americana band SUSTO. Which stands for a Spanish word referring to a folk illness in Latin […]

  • Foxygen @ Trees- Dallas

    Foxygen @ Trees- Dallas

    Foxygen played at Trees last Thursday, to an almost sold out audience (they did sell out their show in Austin the next day). Jonathan Rado and Sam France, as frontmen of a project known for its live energy and theatrical performances, were on top of their game. The opening act, Gabrielle Cohen (Australia), helped get […]

  • The Mowgli’s @ Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill- Dallas

    The Mowgli’s @ Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill- Dallas

    It was one of my post anticipated concerts of this month and after your listen to their music it will probably be yours too. There is something magical about the Mowgli’s. This six piece rock band from Los Angeles California. There music has a sensational charm to it that I haven’t heard in music of […]

  • The Maine @ Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill- Dallas

    The Maine @ Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill- Dallas

    Photos By: Abby Stanford | Instagram:@abbystanfordx Photos By: Maria Limon | Instagram:@marialimonn

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Music & Artist Spotlight: Fortess Music Festival, JMBLYA.

What is Trending In Music?

  • Northern National

    New Release- MoneyBlind by Northern National

    You know the perfect way to test if you really like a song? If you find yourself getting lost in the song. If everything around you disappears and all you can do is sing along to it. You feel this rush of emotion shooting all through your body.  You Forget whatever went on that day […]

  • Parklife Music Festival- Manchester, UK

    Parklife Music Festival- Manchester, UK

    With it now being spring, we are one season closer to summer! Some festivals have already taken place and some will be taking place soon. I don’t know about where you live, but where I am the weather is festival approved. This is only making me more excited to hear about everyone’s festival experiences, see […]

  • Introducing  What Would Rory Wynne Do? EP

    Introducing What Would Rory Wynne Do? EP

    The music scene in the U.K is by far one of the best out there. Loads of talented singer/ songwriters, indie rock bands, jazz groups craft the beginnings of a musical career in bars across the various towns in England. So, with this is in mind I find it hard to believe when people tell […]

  • Sundara Karma Tour Announcement

    Sundara Karma Tour Announcement

    Sundara Karma released their album Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect at the beginning of this year. It is truly everything a good indie /alternative rock album of the 21 century should be. It is refreshing to hear music that is well worked on while being spontaneous in every way. The record takes you […]

  • Pandora Lounge @ SXSW 2017

    Pandora Lounge @ SXSW 2017

    SXSW seems to get bigger and bigger every time! With all its amazing showcases from various international artist, local ones as well, day stages, parties, and events- there is always something exciting to do. This year Music,Why Not! visited the Pandora Lounge which was filled with cool stuff. You can rsvp (21+) get your wristband, […]

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 Nothing comes in comparison to how much better music can make your soul feel. Whether you are sad, mad, angry, happy, or ecstatic music is always there for you. Your favorite songs have seen you at your highest and lowest. Your favorite melodies, riffs, and choruses have hugged you when no one else has. Those songs have never asked for anything in return. At Music, Why Not! We are dedicated to bringing those sort of songs that will always be there for you to you.

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