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  • James McCartney

    James McCartney

      MWN: I guess we can jump right into questions about your new album which is entitled: The Blackberry Train. Where did the name of the album come from? James McCartney: A dream. Literally a cartoon train was coming down a mountain from left to right. It had blackberries as tender in the carriages. It’s […]

  • Teddy Mykaels

    Teddy Mykaels

    Music,Why Not! got a chance to chat with upcoming artist Teddy Mykaels. His music totally give us 80’s vibes. It has a contagious groove to it that is infectious enough to get you grooving. There is nothing better in this world than a song with a contagious chorus that makes you want to dance. His […]

  • Leonardo Aguilar

    Leonardo Aguilar

    Maria Limon de Music, Why Not! Tubo la oportunidad de platicar con un artista cuya carrera va en asenso, Leonardo Aguilar. Cuando realizo su presentacion en esenarios de Dallas, TX. Visiblemente tomando ventaja de que por sus venas corre sangre de una dinastia de verdaderas estrellas. El es nieto de dos leyendas de la music […]

  • The Palmettos

    The Palmettos

    Recently Music, Why Not! Has been on the hunt for new bands to feature. We are fortunate enough to have such a broad following that we can pretty much interview a lot of bands from all genres. It is really cool to see how many amazing band there are making quality music. So when someone […]

  • Born Cages

    Born Cages

    What makes music so attractive and endearing to the soul? Why are we so drawn to let out our emotions by listening to song? Why does music makes us feel better. To me music is like a medicine. The strongest medicine. I have never found another way to let it out. When I listen to […]

MWN! Welcomes you into our world!
It’s truly hard to think of something in this world that’s better than music.
A cure for the soul and the food of the spirit, music moves the world.
Along with the many barriers that it breaks, and the rules that it crushes, music is the escape from monotony and the entry to a magical world.
Let your thoughts break free, your emotions run wild, and enjoy the majestic freedom that music brings.
Welcome to Music, Why Not! 

Concert Photography & Reviews

  • Blossoms @ Liverpool Olympia- Liverpool

    Blossoms @ Liverpool Olympia- Liverpool

    Kayleigh Lang from Music, Why Not! had the pleasure of photographing one of Liverpool’s most anticipated shows- Blossoms. Check out the gallery which features lots of cool crowd shots, your favorite artist close-ups, and the very talented supporting acts Cabbage and Rory Wynee. Photography By: Kayleigh Lang  | Instagram: @kaylangphotography **** Blossoms   Rory Wynne Cabbage

  • The Drums @ The Gatsby- SXSW 2017 Austin

    The Drums @ The Gatsby- SXSW 2017 Austin

    This year the Pandora Lounge  at SXSW Music Festival brought some of the most anticipated artist to play their stage at The Gatsby! The Drums an American Indie Pop band from NYC hit the stage Wednesday afternoon. Their undeniable talent and dedicated fan based filled the venue. As always their performance was extremely energetic delivering […]

  • The Temples @ The Gatsby- SXSW 2017 Austin

    The Temples @ The Gatsby- SXSW 2017 Austin

    The English rock band formed in Ketterin, England played an amazing set at The Gatsby put on by Pandora. They took the stage on a Tuesday night to a crowd of electrifying festival goers.  They played all the crowds favorites from their album Sun Structures and a few new tunes from Volcano. It was truly one […]

  • The Growlers @ Emos – Austin

    The Growlers @ Emos – Austin

      Photos By: Joshua Guerra | @joshguerra13

  • SUSTO @ Verizon Theater- Grand Prairie

    SUSTO @ Verizon Theater- Grand Prairie

    There is no better way to kick off the early week blues than attending a concert. Music, Why Not! had the chance of attending SUSTO’S show at the Verizon Theater- they were supporting The Lumineers. It was a packed house for all the performances that night. After having the pleasure of interviewing the band we […]

Playlist of The Week 03/21-03/28

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Interviews: Blaenavon, Ivory Wave, Airways,  Northern National, Point Doom, Classic Rock Week, Teddy Michaels, James McCartney, The Palmettos, Born Cages, The Brevet, Leonardo Aguilar. 

Concert Coverage: Sting, James McCartney, Pepe Augilar.

Music & Artist Spotlight: South By South West Music Festival!  Catfish and The Bottlemen.

What is Trending In Music?

  • Sundara Karma Tour Announcement

    Sundara Karma Tour Announcement

    Sundara Karma released their album Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect at the beginning of this year. It is truly everything a good indie /alternative rock album of the 21 century should be. It is refreshing to hear music that is well worked on while being spontaneous in every way. The record takes you […]

  • Pandora Lounge @ SXSW 2017

    Pandora Lounge @ SXSW 2017

    SXSW seems to get bigger and bigger every time! With all its amazing showcases from various international artist, local ones as well, day stages, parties, and events- there is always something exciting to do. This year Music,Why Not! visited the Pandora Lounge which was filled with cool stuff. You can rsvp (21+) get your wristband, […]

  • The Canadian Blast BBQ @ SXSW 2017

    The Canadian Blast BBQ @ SXSW 2017

    Looking for some great events to attend at SXSW? Here is an event you don’t want to miss. The Canadian Blast BBQ is back at SXSW 2017. This year’s line up is filled with insanely talented artist. From all types of genres- so you are sure to find talent you like. They are actually celebrating […]

  • Check This Out: Blossoms Headlining Tour

    Check This Out: Blossoms Headlining Tour

    Blossoms Headlining The NME Awards Tour 2017 Blossoms the five piece band from Stockport consist of Tom Ogden (Lead Vocals), Charlie Salt (Bass& Backing Vocals), Josh Dewhurst(Guitar), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards). The band has amount to great success swooping through the indie music scene. Their music is contagious with an 80’s pop […]

  • festival

    Tips From Hannah- Festival Season Edition!

    Tips From Hannah- How to Survive Festival Season! Festival season is just around the corner, and many of your favorites have most likely recently released their line up or are soon to! Whether you like rock, pop, electronic, hip hop, alternative, country, blues, a little bit of everything, or any other genre, there is most […]

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 Nothing comes in comparison to how much better music can make your soul feel. Whether you are sad, mad, angry, happy, or ecstatic music is always there for you. Your favorite songs have seen you at your highest and lowest. Your favorite melodies, riffs, and choruses have hugged you when no one else has. Those songs have never asked for anything in return. At Music, Why Not! We are dedicated to bringing those sort of songs that will always be there for you to you.

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